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From Left: ©Sam Durant, ©John Baldessari, ©Actual Size Artworks(Gail Simpson / Aris Georgiadis), ©Radcliffe Bailey. Photography by: Kevin J. Miyazaki

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Stay Inside! Stay Inspired! An interview with Michelle Grabner

Artist / curator / teacher / writer Michelle Grabner was in Sculpture Milwaukee’s inaugural show, in 2017, and she launches our series of artist interviews in this time of extreme flux.SMKE: What are you reading?MG: Right now I am reading about the spring migratory patterns of birds in North America. Last week the tundra swans moved into the flooded fields adjacent to the Wolf River, in northeastern Wisconsin, from their wintering grounds of the coasts of the Mid-Atlantic. They are on their way to the Northwest territories of Canada and Alaska. So all-in-all my reading has been dedicated to information about the changing patterns of early spring in the upper Midwest, a season I rarely get to experience first-hand as I am always thick into the institutional work of the spring semester in Chicago.Currently I am reading Wisconsin's Natural Communities: How to Recognize Them, Where to Find Them by Randy Hoffman (University of Wisconsin Press: 2002) and The Lost Art of Reading Na Read More

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"Stay Inside, Stay Inspired!" An interview with Jason S. Yi.

Milwaukee-based artist Jason S. Yi was in Sculpture Milwaukee’s inaugural exhibition in 2017. His piece, The Legend of The White Snake which refers an ancient Chinese folk tale dating to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 C.E.). The White Snake yearned to join human society so she took the form of a woman and married a scholar. Because snakes are considered evil in Chinese culture, a monk imprisoned Madam Snake—it is her cage that Yi evokes in his tangled construction. While Yi’s work refers to an ancient story, when circling the form, however, the sinuous white PVC pipe also resembles Jackson Pollock’s “overall” skeins of paint, that were thrown onto canvases laid on the ground, inspired by traditional Navajo sand paintings. The piece has found a permanent home outside of the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, WI. MK: What books are you reading?JSY: I discovered a S. Korean author named Han Kang when I was traveling abroad this past fall. A Read More

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Wisconsin Avenue

Wisconsin Avenue For All | Sculpture Milwaukee

Executive Director Brian Schupper shares Sculpture Milwaukee's Impact on This Historic Avenue Read More

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Robert Indiana's Sculpture

Robert Indiana’s The American LOVE Sculpture Donated to the Milwaukee Art Museum

Summer 2019 promises to be a summer of LOVE, with Robert Indiana's iconic sculpture. Read More

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